Tuesday, 16 October 2012

     The famous Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a small, but muscular dog and is extremely strong for it's size. There head is short and has a deep broad skull. It's fore face has easily noticeable strong jaws, the nose is always black in color with there teeth meeting in a scissors bite. There lips should always be tight and clean. There eyes are dark in color. There small ears are normally always rose or half pricked with there front legs straight. Sometimes there Dewclaws are removed and there paws are of medium size but well padded. There tails are thick at the base and should be hanging low with the tail not curling much. They come in various colors, red, white, fawn, dark blue or black, there coats are always short and smooth.
     The Stafford shire Bull Terrier is a very hyper and active dog, it does everything from playing, working and mating at full throttle. There are very affectionate dog with a sense of humor towards humans, there known to be very people friendly and aren't always wary of strangers although some dogs are always wary of different people. The dogs have a great reputation with children, they are adored amongst the family circle and always fit right in. Like with any animal, without a human pack leader which would usually be the person most active with the dog giving timely corrections when needed, they may become vicious with dogs outside of the family.
     As puppies they tend to chew on everything and anything they can get there mouths on while teething so make sure to have plenty of chew toys laying around or you may have to replace some furniture, that's if it's still there when they're done chewing it...! Just remember they've extremely strong jaw muscles, the strongest of any dog breed and will get through a chew toy in no problem which can lead to them swallowing plastic or rubber which is obviously dangerous for the dog, stick to Staffie strong toys. Make sure not to leave the dog chew on human hands or anything of a human as this'll give the dog the wrong impression on what it can and can't do.
     You can breed the Staffs for agility and competitive obedience in the UK or Ireland at the highest level. Staffs love variety and challenges in any variation, whether it's winning a tug of war with the owner or simply chewing through a toy, they love it all as it's exciting for them. The main thing to remember is Staffs can easily cause harm to themselves, they are a completely fearless and curious breed and may jump from extremely high heights and walk through broken glass, this means owners have to be extremely active in making sure the dogs don't do any of these things nor have the opportunity to do so.
     These dogs aren't recommended for most families as they require each member of the family to be a firm, confident, consistent pack leader making sure to reinforce the rules set out for the dog as they can easily break away from knowing what is and isn't right, as with any breed of dog and many animals they'll always try to become pack leader, so it is important that they are kept in line as they can become very stubborn and hard to handle.
     You can expect a fully grown Staffordshire Bull Terrier to be 14-16 inches in height, bitches being 13-15 inches and weigh 25-38 pounds, bitches weighing 23-35 pounds.
     They're prone to many different diseases, such as Cataracts, Sight problems, Hip problems, Tumors. While puppies are prone to having elongated soft palate. Also, like all the bully breeds, they tend to have gas problems.
     The Staffordshire Bull Terrier will be okay in an apartment once it is reguarly exercised, it is very active indoors and will be okay in a small yard, but obviously, with any dog, a big yard and loads of space to run around in is best suitable. It's best to keep dogs indoors to keep them from the harsh elements that Irish weather can produce but a kennel with bedding is perfectly okay once it stays above freezing.
     A Stafford shire Bull terrier has a huge amount of stamina and must be exercised regularly which includes being walked or jogged once a day. They can live from 10 to 16 years. There coats are smooth and short haired, there easily groomed with a firm bristle brush and bathing is necessary. The coat will shine if rubbed dry with a towel.
      The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was bred in Saffordshire England, hence its name, in the nineteenth century. It's a cross breed between Bulldogs and various terriers. The dogs were bred for Bull baiting, they were very popular aswell because of there size and strength.


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